Walking Tour

What is a walking tour? We will be walking through our town looking and studying the various buildings in town. We will look for things that are interesting, different and historical.
My 7-8th grade classes you will be walking through our hometown of Lima, Ohio. I have some things for you to look for.

1. What do you notice about the archetecture?
2. How many historical markers are downtown?
3. What do you notice about the older buildings as compared to the new ones?
4. Why do you think no one lives in the Metrolpolitan Building?
5. What kinds of columns do you see on the County Court House?
6. Why is the square so open? Hypothesize.
7. What makes the Kewpee building so differnert?
8. Why isn't the builing with the TOWN SQUARE stamped on it open? What do you see when you see the outside. What do you think it looks like on the inside?

I hope that as we walk though our town, you get a chance to see some of the things you may have overlooked. Just becuase you have lived ibn a place for most of or all of your life, you may not know all of the things about it.

Here is some History of Lima, Ohio you may not know about. Some of which even I was surpsised.

Here is their pictures from our tour.