In 2011, my 7th grade students decided to make a park in the area of one of our elementary buildings. Liberty Elementary has a large field in front of it. Starting in the 2011-12 school year Liberty will be the Arts Magent building with a K-8 student population.


Google Map


Above is the list of ideas that we brainstormed. The next step we took was going to Liberty Elementary and took some pictures. Here is the Flickr stream for those pictures. We walked the area. We conducted an informal survey of the land. We found that the area for our park is 7.34 acres. (In the picture above our park is pretty big.)

We have a few more steps to complete:
1. Create a poster that reflects our park ideas on it.
2. Talk to a landscape architect to see what we could do to enhanse our park and what we should talk about during our presentation.
3. Create a presentation to pitch our idea to administrators
4. Present presentation to administrators.