Most of us have wanted to go on vacation to some exotic or exciting place. I gave my students that chance with this Unit.

1. Research and choose a place they would like to vacation
2. Create a budget
3. Create an itinerary
4. Create a blog to present their information (This could be done on Schoology as updates on their projects)

"The Spot"
1. The students research a place their want to vacation. They can choose a place where people can go to have fun, be entertained, and buy souvenirs.
2. Their vacation spot will have to be within the budget constraint given to them by the teacher.

"The Budget"
1. Students will have $5,000 to spend on their vacation for a family of 4. They have to spend everything but could have some money left (less than $200).
2. Explain how a budget works and why budgets are important especially when it comes to vacations.
3. Here is a simple budget that I have my students use.
4. If students paired up they could double their money but the amount of people going on the trip should be 4-6.
5. If students took a family member they would have to fund their family member's trip as well from their budget of $5,000.

"Vacation Planning"
1. After students have chose their "spot", they have to look for transportation, hotels, and rental cars. They should definitely price check several dates that would make their trip economical. A good site to go to is or You could also look on Students could also look at at booking places like VBRO and AirBNB to get ideas of places to vacation.
2. Make sure that everything that students spend on their trip is recorded in their budget.
3. After securing their essentials: hotel, flight, car; they need begin to decide what they want to do when they are at their destination. Again, everything they do they must put it in their budget.
4. Students should make an itinerary. Here is a copy of the itinerary used by my students. The students need to make sure they have everything they want to do with in their budget. For example, they could see a play on Broadway, or a night show in Las Vegas.

1. After students have collected all of the information that they need, they can begin to make a powerpoint of their trip. Students should use google slides for their presentation.