´╗┐Easter Island

Easter Island is an island off the west coast of Chile. To find our more click here to watch a PowerPoint of Easter Island.

Below is the Activity that is required.

Easter Island Research Activity

  • Where in the world is Easter Island?
  • Describe natural land formations.
  • Is there anything interesting about the weather?
  • In addition to your written information to answer these questions, make a map showing its location and important land formations. Include a scale of miles as well as land and water areas bordering the island. Research and explain possible migration routes to the island.

  • What is Easter Island?
  • What major events have occurred here?
  • What is known about the people involved?
  • Which explorers came to Easter Island? Why?
  • What is occurring now on Easter Island?
  • In addition to your written information, make a timeline to show sequence of major events.

  • Describe unusual or interesting artifacts found on Easter Island.
  • What do archeologists know about these artifacts?
  • In addition to your written information, make a colored pencil drawing of at least two discoveries.
  • Vocabulary to share: Polynesian, hieroglyphics, Moai, archaeologist, basalt

Creative Group Project
  • Build a diorama of the island.
  • Build a model of a raft the natives may have used to travel to Easter Island.
  • Write a diary or a play depicting Captain Cook's exploration to Easter Island.
  • Your Own Group idea.