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Da Vinci Project

I love to study the Renaissance. I find it such an interesting time. My students will be studying Leonardo Da Vinci, and how he influenced the world through his life, drawings, and observations. I have broken this unit into two different parts.

Part 1: Research project:

What is a Renaissance Man? How does da Vinci exemplify this concept? Give examples, anecdotes (stories), pictures, and facts to support your answer.

Here are some things to think about:

  • When was the Renaissance?
  • What was the Renaissance?
  • What was going on during the Renaissance?
  • Where did the Renaissance take place? Where was it focused at?
  • What was da Vinci doing during the Renaissance? Give some examples from research.
  • Does da Vinci fit into this time period?

Part 2: Model Design

Model Project:

Research and build a model of one of da Vinci’s drawings. It must be created as a 3D model so that it can be displayed for students to see. You can work with a partner or you may work on this as an independent study.

1. Research a da Vinci drawing
2. Make a paper drawing from the internet
3. Bring in materials from home to help you build this model
4. Create the model
5. Write a paragraph about the model describing such facts as:
a. What it is?
b. What was the purpose of it?
c. Why was it drawn?
D. If possible, when was it drawn?
After your project is complete, you will redesign it based on the 21st century updates.You can do this as a drawing / sketch or a 3D model.

Resources for Research and Model: