Awesome Backyard

When you look at someone's backyard it can look so cool. Some people have large backyards, and some have small backyards. You never see 2 backyards the same. My students will be ddesigning their own backyard with a few important parts included in their backyard.

Backyard Measurements

Your backyard is one acre in area.
One acre comprises 4,840 square yards or 43,560 |square feet (which can be easily remembered as 44,000 square feet, less 1%; or as the product of 66 ft. x 660 ft.). Because of alternative definitions of a yard or a foot, the exact size of an acre also varies slightly. Originally, an acre was understood as a of land sized at one (660 ft) long and one chain (66 ft) wide; this may have also been understood as an approximation of the amount of land an ox could plough in one day. .
The area of one acre (red) overlaid on an football field (green)

BackYard Parts:

You must have somewhere in your backyard the following:

Relaxation Area
Tribute Area (could be for a state, country, for a person,or religious)

You can add other parts to your backyard.
Make a list of what you would like to add.

For each section we will have various activities to help us with this.